What is geocaching?

Geocaching is the global treasure hunt. Participants, "cachers", use maps, GPS (global positioning system) receivers (the technology behind satnav) and clues to locate a "cache".

GPS reveiver

So what's the prize?

The prize is the fun and a satisfaction of finding a hidden cache - where often the cache is under the noses of, but unbeknown, to non-cachers. Cachers log their finds on the official website

Caches have been placed all over the world, both in urban locations and and out in the wilds of the countryside - and in some countries that really IS wild. Cache "owners" frequently place caches in places of local interest, or unusual paces, extending fellow cachers' knowledge and experience. As a result of caching, Molly and Jock have visited the smallest National Trust site in the UK, followed the footsteps of Jack the Ripper, and been to see Brown Willy in Cornwall.

How big is a cache?

Caches can be anything from a micro-cache (the size of a 35mm film canister or smaller), through lunchbox (Tupperware-style sandwich boxes), to (rarely) even bigger caches the size of a dustbin. Larger caches sometimes contain nick-nacks left by cachers for swapping with other cachers.

Micro cacheA large cache (modelled by Molly)

L-R - micro cache, large cache (modelled by Molly), regular cache and Travel Bugs.

What are "Travel Bugs"

A Travel Bug is often a small child's toy or object that has been given an official tag and despatched on a mission. For example, in February 2005, Molly and Jock sent "Suntanned Spiderman" on a mission starting at a cache near Guildford, Surrey. Suntanned Spiderman was tasked with getting to New York and visiting the Empire State building - he returned home in October 2006.

He was moved from cache to cache by cachers who picked him up at a cache and then dropped him off at the next suitable cache they visited.

By the end of his mission he had travelled over 25,000 miles, visiting South Africa, spending a long time in California before working his way across America to New York (and the Empire State), the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, before heading back to the UK. Follow this link to see more of Suntanned Spiderman.

Molly - front page pinup

Pinup girl

In December 2006, Molly had the pleasure of being chosen as the front page pinup for the official website, honouring her commitment to the cause of geocaching.


Follow this link to see caching photos

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